Robin Carder is Carrington / Waine Wright's  Cheif Operations Officer:                                                                                                                                                     

Ms. Carder comes to us from our parent company WAINE WRIGHT COMMUNICATIONS,LLC where she was a productions manager be for that she was a foodservice manager for the fleming food group supervising the meat cutting rooms, Robin will take part in the day to day operations of the company's meat operations we are blessed to have her as she has 25 years in the meat industry.

Erick Waine Wright is Carrington / Waine Wright's President & Vice Chairman:                                                                                                                                                

Mr. Waine Wright is also the Chairman & CEO of WAINE WRIGHT COMMUNICATIONS,LLC our parent company he graduated Harved School of Law with Horners Receiving a degrees in business law and securities laws and we are happy to have him here

 JAMES H. COOLEY is Carrington / Waine Wright's Chairman & CEO: 

Mr. Cooley comes to us from the Fleming Foods Group where he was in charge of FoodService and the Meat operations Mr. Cooley has vast knowledge of the Meat industry and holds a Degree in Business Administration and corporate finance  Mr. Cooley was also an operations President for our Paranent Company Waine Wright Communications,LLC  Mr. Cooley will Run the Day to Day operations of Carrington / Waine Wright,LLC and we are happy to have him.